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Glass Swing Top Bottles

Glass swing top bottle range

Glass swing top bottles
If you're looking for an attractive way to store, sell or show off your home brews, carbonated drinks and oils then our green tinted glass Swing Top Bottles are perfect for you.

As well as looking great they are very effective, reliable and reusable. Our swing top bottles come complete with ceramic and rubber stopper with a strong metal clasp which guarantees you get a tight seal time and time again.

These are great for oils, ales, spirits, lagers, ciders and even elderflower champagne.

250ml Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap

Robust 250ml glass swing top bottle, this heavy duty bottle comes with a ceramic stopper with rubber seal, ideal for creating a tight and strong closure.

Perfect for housing carbonated drinks such as beer, larger, cider, sangria, lemonade, sauces, oils, limoncello, dressings, elderflower champagne, carbonated water and many others.

No minimum order quantity and wholesale options available.
250ml Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1S-250mlGSwingx1 € 2.85
Qty: 12GB2-250mlGSwingx12 € 33.39
Qty: 25GB3-250mlGSwingx25 € 68.50
Qty: 40GB4-250mlGSwingx40 € 106.75
Qty: 80GB4x2-250mlGSwingx80 € 211.23
Qty: 240HP-250mlGSwingx240 € 548.04
Qty: 480FP-250mlGSwingx480 € 959.06

500ml 'Costalata' Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap

A large 500ml swing top bottle. This bottle is made from clear glass and is faceted to give it some additional style.
The bottle comes complete with a ceramic swing top stopper with a rubber seal to prevent leakage.

This bottle has a wide range of uses which include oils, cooking ingredients and many more.
500ml 'Costalata' Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1G500MLCST-CSTOPx1 € 3.25
Qty: 15G500MLCST-CSTOPx15 € 46.61
Qty: 35G500MLCST-CSTOPx35 € 103.59
Qty: 70G500MLCST-CSTOPx70 € 196.83
Qty: 140G500MLCST-CSTOPx140 € 352.21
Qty: 280G500MLCST-CSTOPx280 € 683.70
Qty: 560G500MLCST-CSTOPx560 € 1284.53
Qty: 1165G500MLCST-CSTOPx1165 € 2327.46

750ml Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap

Reusable 750ml clear glass swing top bottle, comes with spring ceramic stopper with rubber washer.

Ideal for the storing of anything fresh, excellent for carbonated beverages and ideal for bottling mineral water for restaurant tables. Don't forget always keep your bottled creations out of direct sunlight.

Show off your lemonades! Treat your cordials & sloe gins and keep your herb-infused oils fresher for longer.

Find out here, how to fit the stopper top
750ml Swing Top Glass Bottle & Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1G750MLCST-CERSTOPx1 € 4.26
Qty: 12G750MLCST-CERSTOPx12 € 49.93
Qty: 22G750MLCST-CERSTOPx22 € 89.20
Qty: 66G750MLCST-CERSTOPx66 € 260.55
Qty: 110G750MLCST-CERSTOPx110 € 410.76
Qty: 220G750MLCST-CERSTOPx220 € 774.58

Ceramic Stopper Cap

Spare ceramic stopper with rubber
washer, creating an airtight seal.

Compatible with our glass swing top bottles.
Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1SPceramicstopx1 € 0.89
Qty: 25SPceramicstopx25 € 21.56
Qty: 50SPceramicstopx50 € 42.03
Qty: 100SPceramicstopx100 € 79.61
Qty: 250SPceramicstopx250 € 187.99
Qty: 500SPceramicstopx500 € 353.86
Qty: 1000SPceramicstopx1000 € 663.49

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