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Aluminium Jars

aluminium jar range

Aluminium screw top jars
This stylish range of aluminium jars come with EPE lined screw lids to help seal in freshness, prevent leakage and eliminate the risk of contamination.

Our aluminium jars are suitable for waxes, polishes, hair products, confectionery, cosmetics, craft materials, furniture care products and more.

Sizes available
5ml, 30ml, 75ml, 150ml and 250ml.

15ml Aluminium Jar & 39mm Aluminium Screw Cap

Small 15ml aluminium jar with a 38mm screw lid, including EPE liner to prevent leakage and preserve freshness.

This stylish aluminium jar is perfect for giving your products a professional finish. It's suitable for polishes, cosmetics, waxes, creams, balms, homemade candles, confectionery and more.

Suitable for small and large businesses alike, no minimum order quantity and wholesale options available.
15ml Aluminium Jar & 39mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1S-15mlAluJ39mmCx1 € 0.62
Qty: 25JBE-15mlAluJ39mmCx25 € 14.73
Qty: 75PBXS-15mlAluJ39mmCx75 € 41.88
Qty: 150PBS-15mlAluJ39mmCx150 € 79.10
Qty: 300PBS-15mlAluJ39mmCx300 € 148.89
Qty: 600PBM-15mlAluJ39mmCx600 € 279.17
Qty: 1200PBXL-15mlAluJ39mmCx1200 € 539.74
Qty: 4200PBXLx2-15mlAluJ39mmCx4200 € 1823.94
Qty: 8400PBXLx4-15mlAluJ39mmCx8400 € 3517.59

150ml Aluminium Jar & 84mm Aluminium Screw Cap

150ml aluminium jar with EPE lined screw lid - a modern looking jar that will add style to any product range.

Ideal for polishes, waxes, creams, balms, powders, homemade candles, confectionery and more.

Available in small and large order quantities. No minimum order quantity.
150ml Aluminium Jar & 84mm Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1S-150mlAlu84mmCx1 € 2.12
Qty: 10PBXS-150mlAlu84mmCx10 € 20.61
Qty: 40PBS-150mlAlu84mmCx40 € 80.31
Qty: 100PBM-150mlAlu84mmCx100 € 195.49
Qty: 200PBXL-150mlAlu84mmCx200 € 348.72
Qty: 400PBXLx2-150mlAlu84mmCx400 € 634.03
Qty: 800PBXLx4-150mlAlu84mmCx800 € 1225.80
Qty: 1600HP-150mlAlu84mmCx1600 € 2282.52

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