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Glass Votives and Candle Jars

glass candle jars, candle holders, glass decanters, glass fragrance bottles

Glass votives/candle jars
A simple, elegant range of glass jars, perfect if you produce your own scented candles or if you are looking to create homemade gifts.

Our glass votives would be well suited to wedding tables or personalised gifts. You can fill them with scented wax, sugared almonds or other confectionery - simply add labels and ribbon, for a professional finish.

Our votives are quality thick based glasses. They can also be used as shot glasses and drinks tumblers.

As with all of our products, our glass candle jars are available in single or bulk quantities.

Sizes available
5cl, 9cl, 10cl, 20cl, 30cl, 38cl, 200ml, 250ml and 12.5 x 7cm (flat dish).

5cl 'Gabrielle' Glass Votive

Small volume 5cl 'Gabrielle' votive, the perfect choice for homemade candles. Made from thick walled clear glass, perfect for showing the colour of candles and suitable for hot fill.

Available in small and large order quantities.

Please note, this votive will not fit a standard tea light.
5cl 'Gabrielle' Glass Votive
Qty: 1S-CBC5clGabx1 € 0.82
Qty: 35GB1-CBC5clGabx35 € 24.55
Qty: 50GB2-CBC5clGabx50 € 34.27
Qty: 100GB2-CBC5clGabx100 € 62.01
Qty: 144OB-CBC5clGabx144 € 82.24
Qty: 288OBx2-CBC5clGabx288 € 155.08
Qty: 576OBx4-CBC5clGabx576 € 291.38
Qty: 1728HP-CBC5clGabx1728 € 817.71
Qty: 3456FP-CBC5clGabx3456 € 1550.83

10cl 'Conique' Glass Votive

A versatile little jar perfect for scented candles, wedding favours or for use as a shot glass. This small glass is perfect for a range of uses.

This small 10cl glass votive is manufactured from quality glass with a thick base. Simple, yet effective.
10cl 'Conique' Glass Votive
Qty: 110clConiqueVotivex1 € 0.86
Qty: 1010clConiqueVotivex10 € 8.36
Qty: 2510clConiqueVotivex25 € 20.40
Qty: 5010clConiqueVotivex50 € 38.80
Qty: 10010clConiqueVotivex100 € 73.62
Qty: 25010clConiqueVotivex250 € 174.12
Qty: 37710clConiqueVotivex377 € 255.07
Qty: 75410clConiqueVotivex754 € 495.14
Qty: 150810clConiqueVotivex1508 € 930.27
Qty: 301610clConiqueVotivex3016 € 1740.49

20cl 'Karen' Glass Votive

20 cl 'Karen' votive, made from clear glass, perfect for seeing the colour of candles or shot drinks.

Ideal for homemade candle creations, or for use as a tealight holder.

Available in single quantities, right up to bulk quantities.
20cl 'Karen' Glass Votive
Qty: 1S-CBC5clRacx1 € 1.53
Qty: 6GB1-CBC5clRacx6 € 8.81
Qty: 20GB2-CBC5clRacx20 € 26.92
Qty: 36GB4-CBC5clRacx36 € 47.36
Qty: 72GB4x2-CBC5clRacx72 € 83.71
Qty: 144GB4x4-CBC5clRacx144 € 154.20
Qty: 432HP-CBC5clRacx432 € 422.96
Qty: 864FP-CBC5clRacx864 € 806.25

20cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive

Meredith 20cl glass votive. A quality made glass, with a sturdy, thick 18mm base.

Add a modern and sleek look to your scented candles. Perfect for wedding favours and gifts too.
20cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive
Qty: 120clMeredithVotivex1 € 1.28
Qty: 1020clMeredithVotivex10 € 12.54
Qty: 2520clMeredithVotivex25 € 30.59
Qty: 4020clMeredithVotivex40 € 46.56
Qty: 8020clMeredithVotive80 € 88.35
Qty: 16020clMeredithVotivex160 € 167.15
Qty: 32020clMeredithVotivex320 € 315.22
Qty: 64020clMeredithVotivex640 € 592.22
Qty: 128020clMeredithVotivex1280 € 1108.01
Qty: 240020clMeredithVotivex2400 € 1934.24

30cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive

30cl clear glass votive with a thick 20mm base, making this a quality, sturdy option for candles or drinks.

This votive will give a classic, professional look to scented candles.

Our votives can be used time and time again. They're ideal for wedding table centre pieces and homemade gifts.
30cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive
Qty: 130clMeredithVotivex1 € 1.71
Qty: 1030clMeredithVotivex10 € 16.72
Qty: 2530clMeredithVotivex25 € 40.79
Qty: 4830clMeredithVotivex48 € 74.50
Qty: 9630clMeredithVotivex96 € 141.36
Qty: 19230clMeredithVotivex192 € 267.44
Qty: 38430clMeredithVotivex384 € 504.33
Qty: 76830clMeredithVotivex768 € 947.54
Qty: 153630clMeredithVotivex1536 € 1772.82

30cl Glass 'Meredith' Votive & Steel Lid

30cl Quality glass Votive, thick based (approx 19mm), comes with push-on steel lid with rubber inner. Steel lid pushes onto the jar and is for show rather than an airtight seal - Jars should not be picked up by the lid.

Achieve the perfect finish with this quality looik jar. Add a stunning finish to your scented candles. Lid helps seal in the fragrance of the product within too. Perfect for wedding gifts, special anniversaries etc.
30cl Glass 'Meredith' Votive & Steel Lid
Qty: 130clMeredithSteelLidx1 € 5.35
Qty: 1030clMeredithSteelLidx10 € 52.23
Qty: 2530clMeredithSteelLidx25 € 127.48
Qty: 4830clMeredithSteelLidx48 € 232.83
Qty: 9630clMeredithSteelLidx96 € 441.77
Qty: 19230MeredithSteelLidx192 € 835.79
Qty: 38430MeredithSteelLidx384 € 1576.05
Qty: 76830MeredithSteelLidx768 € 2961.07
Qty: 153630MeredithSteelLidx1536 € 5540.04

38cl 'Islande' Glass Votive

38cl 'Islande' votive, made from high quality, thick walled clear glass.

Suitable for holding tea lights, candles or for use as a drinks tumbler.

No minimum order quantity.
38cl 'Islande' Glass Votive
Qty: 1S-CBC5clIslax1 € 3.62
Qty: 18GB2-CBC5clIslax18 € 58.65
Qty: 36OB-CBC5clIslax36 € 109.48
Qty: 72OBx2-CBC5clIslax72 € 198.11
Qty: 144OBx4-CBC5clIslax144 € 359.73
Qty: 432HP-CBC5clIslax432 € 938.43
Qty: 864FP-CBC5clIslax864 € 1908.14

250ml Clear Glass Ointment Jar & 83mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap

250ml clear glass ointment jar with screw on aluminium lid (EPE lined - a foamed low density polyethylene core, sandwiched between two solid layers of polyethylene), helping to prolong the shelf life of products, whilst preventing leakage.

The perfect jar for lotions, creams, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, craft products and candles.
250ml Clear Glass Ointment Jar & 83mm (R3) Aluminium Screw Cap
Qty: 1SPK250ointmentALx1 € 2.09
Qty: 12SPK250ointmentALx12 € 24.50
Qty: 36SPK250ointmentALx36 € 67.68
Qty: 54SPK250ointmentALx54 € 95.73
Qty: 108SPK250ointmentALx108 € 185.64
Qty: 270SPK250ointmentALx270 € 435.09
Qty: 540SPK250ointmentALx540 € 841.19
Qty: 1080SPK250ointmentALx1080 € 1624.37

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