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Glass Beer and Cider Bottles

Glass beer and cider bottle range

Glass beer and cider bottles
Our lager, cider and ale bottles are perfect for the home brewer. There are several bottle styles to suit your needs, including clear, green and amber glass bottles.

These bottles are perfect for beer, ale, lager and cider. Each bottle comes with a 26mm gold crown cap (a capping tool is needed to fit the crowns on to the bottles - the capping tool is NOT supplied).

5 Litre Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung & Handle

Party Keg, non pressurised keg, 5 litre capacity with fully integrated (Tamper evident)tap. The tap sits close to the base and ensures the user enjoys every last drop, requires no accessories and can be resealed. The keg comes with a rubber bung and attachable carry handle!

Party Keg is easy to use, ideal for microbreweries etc, the stackable design, perfect where space is limited.

Suitable for not just beers but ciders, wines, spirits and more.... Enjoy draught beer at home!

Please note, our kegs are not refillable once sealed!

Made from Tinplate 100% Recyclable!
5 Litre Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung & Handle
Qty: 1BEERKEG5LSILx1 € 8.41
Qty: 4BEERKEG5LSILx4 € 32.51
Qty: 12BEERKEG5LSILx12 € 94.16
Qty: 24BEERKEG5LSILx24 € 181.62
Qty: 48BEERKEG5LSILx48 € 349.78
Qty: 100BEERKEG5LSILx100 € 700.67
Qty: 210BEERKEG5LSILx210 € 1412.55

275ml Clear Glass Curvy Beer Bottle & Gold Crown Cap

Clear glass 275ml Curvy beer bottle with gold crown cap.

Perfect for alcoholic, still and fizzy drinks. Perfect for giving your homemade beverages a shop bought, professional look!
275ml Clear Glass Curvy Beer Bottle & Gold Crown Cap
Qty: 1G275MLCCUR-GCx1 € 0.54
Qty: 20G275MLCCUR-GCx20 € 10.57
Qty: 40G275MLCCUR-GCx40 € 20.58
Qty: 80G275MLCCUR-GCx80 € 40.08
Qty: 160G275MLCCUR-GCx160 € 75.84
Qty: 320G275MLCCUR-GCx320 € 134.34
Qty: 640G275MLCCUR-GCx640 € 259.99
Qty: 1900G275MLCCUR-GCx1900 € 694.67

500ml Short Clear Glass Cider Bottle & Gold Crown Cap (1641)

Large volume, 500ml clear glass short necked cider bottle, comes complete with gold crown cap.

Traditional style bottle, perfect for containing ciders, beers, ales, bitters, lagers and many others.

Made from high quality clear glass, perfect for seeing the colour and showcasing the products inside.

Available in single and pallet order quantities, ideal for home brewers and micro breweries.
500ml Short Clear Glass Cider Bottle & Gold Crown Cap (1641)
Qty: 1G500MLCLRBB-GCx1 € 0.56
Qty: 12G500MLCLRBB-GCx12 € 6.31
Qty: 25G500MLCLRBB-GCx25 € 12.82
Qty: 50G500MLCLRBB-GCx50 € 24.98
Qty: 100G500MLCLRBB-GCx100 € 47.34
Qty: 250G500MLCLRBB-GCx250 € 210.37
Qty: 500G500MLCLRBB-GCx500 € 210.37
Qty: 1235G500MLCLRBB-GCx1235 € 422.18

500ml Tall Amber Glass Beer Bottle & Gold Crown Cap (1941)

500ml tall amber beer bottle, made from high quality amber coloured glass, perfect for reducing UV light, comes complete with a gold crown cap.

This tall necked style bottle is ideal for beers, lagers, ciders, ales, carbonated drinks and many others.

Suitable for both small and large scale businesses, no minimum order quantity and wholesale options available.
500ml Tall Amber Glass Beer Bottle & Gold Crown Cap (1941)
Qty: 1S-BC/1941/500tallx1 € 0.65
Qty: 9GB2-BC/1941/500tallx9 € 5.14
Qty: 15GB3-BC/1941/500tallx15 € 8.18
Qty: 24GB5-BC/1941/500tallx24 € 11.84
Qty: 500HP-BC/1941/500tallx500 € 207.71
Qty: 1320FP-BC/1941/500tallx1320 € 479.83
Qty: 2640FPx2-BC/1941/500tallx2640 € 925.40

Gold Crown Cap

Gold crown cap, which fits our glass
beer and cider bottles.

You will need a capping tool to crimp this cap to a glass bottle.
Gold Crown Cap
Qty: 1Goldcrowncapx1 € 0.02
Qty: 25Goldcrowncapx25 € 0.43
Qty: 50Goldcrowncapx50 € 0.84
Qty: 100Goldcrowncapx100 € 1.59
Qty: 250Goldcrowncapx250 € 3.78
Qty: 500Goldcrowncapx500 € 7.12
Qty: 1000Goldcrowncapx1000 € 13.35

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