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Glass Preserve Jars

Clear glass preserve jars, for jam and sauce

Glass preserve jars
We have a wide range of glass preserve jars available, including traditional round jars, square jars and ornate jars. They are perfect for preserves and other foods.

All of our preserve jars are made from quality clears glass and come with a vinegar and acid proof rubber lined twist off closure, which only needs a quarter turn to tighten securely. This will prevent leaking and ensure product freshness.

Our glass preserve jars are ideal for jams, marmalades, honey, chutneys, pickles, sauces, marinades, dips and many other foods.

Sizes available
120ml, 190ml, 200ml, 212ml, 262ml, 300ml, 324ml, 370ml, 380ml, 700ml, 1050ml and half gallon.

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