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Glass Honey Jars

clear glass honey jars range

Glass honey jars
At Ampulla we have an array of glass jars suitable for chutneys, pickles, honey, jams, preserves, cooking sauces, marinades, nuts, olives and a whole host of other foods, but we've picked a few out that we think will make the perfect homes for your honey.

We have different closures to choose from, including twist off lids and screw lids (our 1lb clear glass honey jar comes with a screw on gold tinplate lid).

1/2lb Fancy Glass Honey Jar & 63mm White Twist Off Lid

1/2lb clear glass honey jar with traditional dimpled shoulders.

Comes complete with a acid resistant, rubber lined metal lid in white.

Perfect for jams, pickles and relishes.
1/2lb Fancy Glass Honey Jar & 63mm White Twist Off Lid
Qty: 11/2LBHON63WTOx1 € 0.79
Qty: 201/2LBHON63WTOx20 € 14.33
Qty: 601/2LBHON63WTOx60 € 40.62
Qty: 1001/2LBHON63WTOx100 € 64.50
Qty: 2001/2LBHON63WTOx200 € 125.03
Qty: 4001/2LBHON63WTOx400 € 234.13
Qty: 12001/2LBHON63WTOx1200 € 668.93
Qty: 24001/2LBHON63WTOx2400 € 1290.09

1lb (345ml) Glass Honey Jar & 70mm Gold Screw Lid

1lb (345ml Clear honey jar, made from high quality glass, perfect for giving a full display of the products inside.

Comes complete with a 70mm gold screw on closure with internal rubber liner, ideal for preserving freshness and preventing leakage.

Suitable for storing honey, jams, sauces, spreads, chutneys, preserves, homemade crafts, kitchen storage and many others.

No minimum order quantity and wholesale options available.
1lb (345ml) Glass Honey Jar & 70mm Gold Screw Lid
Qty: 1S-hon1cx1 € 0.81
Qty: 18GB2-hon1cx18 € 13.25
Qty: 25GB3-hon1cx25 € 17.48
Qty: 60GB5-hon1cx60 € 39.74
Qty: 120GB5x2-hon1cx120 € 75.07
Qty: 240GB5x4-hon1cx240 € 141.31
Qty: 720HP-hon1cx720 € 397.44
Qty: 1440FP-hon1cx1440 € 741.89

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