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Wine and Spirit Bottles

glass wine and mineral bottles

Glass wine and spirit bottles
Whether it's a traditional glass wine bottle you're after, or a more modern looking drinks bottle, we have the bottle for you. Our wine collection includes the 750ml olive green bottle - perfect for the 'house red', as well as our 'Mountain' bottles - quality glass bottles with tamper evident screw lids, for customer reassurance.

For sparking wines, lemonades, cordials, summer drinks, alcoholic beverages, sauces and more, this bottle collection is perfect.

Single and bulk quantities available
Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or just single quantities. We have a price to suit your individual business need.

5 Litre Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung & Handle

Party Keg, non pressurised keg, 5 litre capacity with fully integrated (Tamper evident)tap. The tap sits close to the base and ensures the user enjoys every last drop, requires no accessories and can be resealed. The keg comes with a rubber bung and attachable carry handle!

Party Keg is easy to use, ideal for microbreweries etc, the stackable design, perfect where space is limited.

Suitable for not just beers but ciders, wines, spirits and more.... Enjoy draught beer at home!

Please note, our kegs are not refillable once sealed!

Made from Tinplate 100% Recyclable!
5 Litre Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung & Handle
Qty: 1BEERKEG5LSILx1 € 7.29
Qty: 4BEERKEG5LSILx4 € 28.19
Qty: 12BEERKEG5LSILx12 € 81.66
Qty: 24BEERKEG5LSILx24 € 157.48
Qty: 48BEERKEG5LSILx48 € 303.30
Qty: 100BEERKEG5LSILx100 € 607.58
Qty: 210BEERKEG5LSILx210 € 1224.89

32.5ml Clear Glass Essence Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap

32.5ml clear glass essence bottle comes with a 22mm brushed silver screw cap with EPE liner.

A small bottle with many uses! Just let your imagination run wild! food colouring and flavourings, luxury drink samples, shots, fragrances, wedding favours and much more.

Not compatible with our PVC shrink capsules!
32.5ml Clear Glass Essence Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap
Qty: 1G32.5MLCESS-22SILx1 € 0.36
Qty: 25G32.5MLCESS-22SILx25 € 8.69
Qty: 50G32.5MLCESS-22SILx50 € 16.94
Qty: 100G32.5MLCESS-22SILx100 € 32.10
Qty: 250G32.5MLCESS-22SILx250 € 75.79
Qty: 500G32.5MLCESS-22SILx500 € 142.66
Qty: 1000G32.5MLCESS-22SILx1000 € 276.40
Qty: 2500G32.5MLCESS-22SILx2500 € 668.71
Qty: 5000G32.5MLCESS-22SILx5000 € 1292.84
Qty: 10557G32.5MLCESS-22SILx10557 € 2242.47

50ml Clear Glass Vodka Bottle & 20mm x 12.5mm ROPP Black Screw Cap

50ml miniature clear glass vodka bottle with black screw on cap.

This mini glass bottle is great for personalised wedding favours, flavoured vodkas, sloe gins and miniature spirits.
50ml Clear Glass Vodka Bottle & 20mm x 12.5mm ROPP Black Screw Cap
Qty: 1G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx1 € 0.46
Qty: 25G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx25 € 11.27
Qty: 50G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx50 € 21.98
Qty: 100G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx100 € 41.63
Qty: 250G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx250 € 98.29
Qty: 500G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx500 € 185.01
Qty: 1000G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx1000 € 358.46
Qty: 2500G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx2500 € 838.32
Qty: 5000G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx5000 € 1618.82
Qty: 7000G50MLCVOD-12.5BCx7000 € 2185.41

187ml Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap

187ml Clear glass Bordeaux wine bottle with 22mm brushed silver screw cap with liner.

Get serious with your homemade wines with this professional look, small glass wine bottle suitable for wines and spritzers etc, sauces and more.
187ml Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap
Qty: 1G187MLC-22SILx1 € 0.48
Qty: 25G187MLC-22SILx25 € 11.75
Qty: 50G187MLC-22SILx50 € 22.91
Qty: 100G187MLC-22SILx100 € 43.40
Qty: 250G187MLC-22SILx250 € 102.48
Qty: 500G187MLC-22SILx500 € 192.89
Qty: 1000G187MLC-22SILx1000 € 373.73
Qty: 2500G187MLC-22SILx2500 € 874.03
Qty: 3174G187MLC-22SILx3174 € 1033.15

187ml Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap

This bottle is perfect for homemade wines and spirits our 187ml clear wine bottle comes complete with screw top aluminium cap with EPE liner, helps prevent leakage and preserve freshness.

Fill this bottle with wines, spirits, juices and much more!
Qty: 1G187MLG-22SILx1 € 0.48
Qty: 25G187MLG-22SILx25 € 11.75
Qty: 50G187MLG-22SILx50 € 22.91
Qty: 100G187MLG-22SILx100 € 43.40
Qty: 250G187MLG-22SILx250 € 102.48
Qty: 500G187MLG-22SILx500 € 192.89
Qty: 1000G187MLG-22SILx1000 € 373.73
Qty: 2500G187MLG-22SILx2500 € 874.03
Qty: 3174G187MLG-22SILx3174 € 1033.15

250ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle with 19mm Cork Cap

25cl clear glass round bottle which comes complete with 19mm cork and plastic stopper cap.

A great little bottle for liqueurs, alcoholic spirits, cordials, flavoured waters, homemade fruit wines and cooking ingredients such as olive oil.
250ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle with 19mm Cork Cap
Qty: 1250MLCPOLO-19CBx1 € 2.35
Qty: 25250MLCPOLO-19CBx25 € 57.07
Qty: 50250MLCPOLO-19CBx50 € 108.30
Qty: 100250MLCPOLO-19CBx100 € 204.88
Qty: 250250MLCPOLO-19CBx250 € 482.95
Qty: 500250MLCPOLO-19CBx500 € 907.36
Qty: 1000250MLCPOLO-19CBx1000 € 1697.65
Qty: 1665250MLCPOLO-19CBx1665 € 2631.65

500ml Quattro Stag Glass Drinking Jar c/w 70mm Gold Cap

High quality clear glass 'Stag' drinking jar. This jar is inspired by Mason jars and gives your drinks a chic look. The jar has a strong glass handle and an embossed embossed logo

This jar is perfect for taking drinks with you as it comes with a rubber lined cap to prevent leakage.
500ml Quattro Stag Glass Drinking Jar c/w 70mm Gold Cap
Qty: 1G500MLCSTAG-70GCx1 € 2.61
Qty: 25G500MLCSTAG-70GCx25 € 62.11
Qty: 50G500MLCSTAG-70GCx50 € 117.68
Qty: 100G500MLCSTAG-70GCx100 € 222.27
Qty: 250G500MLCSTAG-70GCx250 € 523.00
Qty: 500G500MLCSTAG-70GCx500 € 980.63

500ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle (No Lid)

500ml clear glass round bottle with a 31.5mm screw neck.

This bottle is ideal for alcoholic spirits, cordials, wines and flavoured waters. Compatible with our pour spout and cap.

Order in large or small quantities.
500ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle (No Lid)
Qty: 1G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx1 € 2.63
Qty: 25G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx25 € 64.30
Qty: 50G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx50 € 122.00
Qty: 100G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx100 € 230.81
Qty: 250G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx250 € 544.05
Qty: 500G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx500 € 1022.15
Qty: 1020G500MLCPOLOSN-NoLidx1020 € 1816.14

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