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Plastic Food Pots And Tubs

Clear plastic food pots with lids

Plastic food pots and tubs
We have a large range of food pots to fit every need, suitable for businesses within the food and catering industries. Ideal for takeaways, delis, cafes, food stands, and more.

Our pots all come with a push down tamper evident lid (unless stated), which is perfect for keeping your products secure and fresh during storage or transport.

Our no minimum order quantity also makes them ideal for home use.

Made from strong polypropylene (PP), which is food grade approved and microwave and dishwasher safe.

Sizes available
Our range includes the following sizes: 75ml, 180ml, 280ml, 300ml, 365ml, 500ml, 520ml, 670ml, 770ml, 1000ml, 1180ml, 1200ml, 1400ml and 2000ml.

Colours available
Most of our food pots are made from clear plastic, with some available in white plastic.

Suitable for confectionery, spices, dips, mixed salads, dressings, nuts, desserts, yoghurts, microwave meals, take away meals, sauces, popcorn, ice creams and many other food products.

75ml Natural Round Plastic Pot and White Lid

Smallest of our food pot range, 75ml natural transparent plastic disposable food pot, comes with a white push down lid (NOT tamper evident) to give a tight and secure seal.

Perfect for holding small volumes of many products such as confectionery, deli mixes, nuts, dips, olives and many others.

Made from strong and high quality (PP) polypropylene which is food grade approved.

Suitable for small and large businesses such as takeaways, food and sweet manufacturers, cafes, food stands and also home usage due to our no minimum order quantity.
75ml Natural Round Plastic Pot and White Lid
Qty: 1S-75mlNatPotWLidx1 € 0.46
Qty: 25PBS-75mlNatPotWLidx25 € 11.31
Qty: 50PBS-75mlNatPotWLidx50 € 22.06
Qty: 100PBS-75mlNatPotWLidx100 € 42.94
Qty: 200PBM-75mlNatPotWLidx200 € 83.57
Qty: 400PBMx2-75mlNatPotWLidx400 € 162.50
Qty: 800PBMx4-75mlNatPotWLidx800 € 297.15
Qty: 1050PBMx4-75mlNatPotWLidx1050 € 377.83
Qty: 2100PBMx4-75mlNatPotWLidx2100 € 731.28
Qty: 3150PBMx4-75mlNatPotWLidx3150 € 1060.34

180ml Clear T/E pot c/w 93mm Lid (SP)

180ml clear plastic food pot with tamper evident lid to give your customer ease of mind that what they are buying has not been tampered with.

This food pot is ideal for use in delis, food shops and much more.
180ml Clear T/E pot c/w 93mm Lid (SP)
Qty: 1F180MLCSPx1 € 0.35
Qty: 25F180MLCSPx25 € 8.22
Qty: 50F180MLCSPx50 € 15.52
Qty: 100F180MLCSPx100 € 30.13
Qty: 250F180MLCSPx250 € 73.05
Qty: 450F180MLCSPx450 € 119.16
Qty: 900F180MLCSPx900 € 221.88
Qty: 1800F180MLCSPx1800 € 433.90
Qty: 3000F180MLCSPx3000 € 712.20
Qty: 4500F180MLCSPx4500 € 1043.65
Qty: 6000F180MLCSPx6000 € 1369.62
Qty: 8960F180MLCSPx8960 € 1963.48

200ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With 125mm T/E Lid

NEW: 200ml clear round pot with 125mm T/E (tamper evident) lid which ensures safe transportation or sale of you products with the risk of leakage or contamination.

A great, durable plastic container ideal for a range of products such as dips, sauces, confectionery, arts & craft supplies and much more.

This container is microwave and dishwasher safe.
200ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With 125mm T/E Lid
Qty: 1PG-11/PG-1V11x1 € 0.49
Qty: 25PG-11/PG-1V11x25 € 11.64
Qty: 50PG-11/PG-1V11x50 € 22.70
Qty: 100PG-11/PG-1V11x100 € 43.12
Qty: 250PG-11/PG-1V11x250 € 102.17
Qty: 500PG-11/PG-1V11x500 € 192.97
Qty: 750PG-11/PG-1V11x750 € 272.42
Qty: 1500PG-11/PG-1V11x1500 € 511.32
Qty: 3000PG-11/PG-1V11x3000 € 987.52
Qty: 6750PG-11/PG-1V11x6750 € 2068.70

210ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With T/E Lid (SP)

210ml clear round plastic tamper evident pot with transparent lid. Crystal clear plastic giving full presentation of your product from all angels.

Made from strong polypropylene (PP), food grade approved, microwave and dishwasher safe and also recyclable making it an easily disposable pot.

Ideal for businesses small and large such as takeaways, fast food outlets, deli stands, cafes and many others.

Ideal for a host of products such as sauces, sweets, fish bates, nuts, olives, fruit, salad and much more.

No minimum order quantity.
210ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With T/E Lid (SP)
Qty: 1S-SPF210ml/93x1 € 0.39
Qty: 25PBS-SPF210ml/93x25 € 9.37
Qty: 50PBS-SPF210ml/93x50 € 18.23
Qty: 100PBS-SPF210ml/93x100 € 34.44
Qty: 250PBS-SPF210ml/93x250 € 81.05
Qty: 432PBS-SPF210ml/93x432 € 135.67
Qty: 864PBS-SPF210ml/93x864 € 262.59
Qty: 1728PBS-SPF210ml/93x1728 € 507.68
Qty: 2592PBS-SPF210ml/93x2592 € 735.26
Qty: 4752PBS-SPF210ml/93x4752 € 1299.84
Qty: 6480PBS-SPF210ml/93x6480 € 1706.88
Qty: 8640PBS-SPF210ml/93x8640 € 2188.29

240ml Clear Round Plastic T/E Pot and Lid (SP)

240ml Clear Round Plastic T/E Pot and Lid (SP)

Material: polypropylene

Closure: Tamper-Evident lid

Applications: suitable for sauces, olives, nuts, confectionary, fishing feed/ baits, excellent for take-aways and fast food outlets.

Suitable: For both freezing and microwaves
240ml Clear Round Plastic T/E Pot and Lid (SP)
Qty: 1S-SPF240ml/93x1 € 0.41
Qty: 25PBS-SPF240ml/93x25 € 9.65
Qty: 50PBS-SPF240ml/93x50 € 18.27
Qty: 100PBS-SPF240ml/93x100 € 34.51
Qty: 250PBS-SPF240ml/93x250 € 81.19
Qty: 448PBS-SPF240ml/93x448 € 140.95
Qty: 896PBS-SPF240ml/93x896 € 272.81
Qty: 1792PBS-SPF240ml/93x1792 € 527.43
Qty: 3584PBS-SPF240ml/93x3584 € 1018.49
Qty: 8960PBS-SPF240ml/93x8960 € 2455.28

240ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With 120mm T/E Lid

240ml clear, round pot complete with 120mm tamper evident (T/E) clip on lid. The ideal closure to ensure freshness and prevent leakage in transit.

Ideal for dips, salsas, sauces, fruits, nuts, confectionery and much more. Equally suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Order in large or small quantities - We have no minimum order restrictions.
240ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With 120mm T/E Lid
Qty: 1PG-22/P-2V22x1 € 0.49
Qty: 25PG-22/P-2V22x25 € 11.67
Qty: 50PG-22/P-2V22x50 € 22.70
Qty: 100PG-22/P-2V22x100 € 43.12
Qty: 250PG-22/P-2V22x250 € 102.17
Qty: 500PG-22/P-2V22x500 € 192.97
Qty: 750PG-22/P-2V22x750 € 272.42
Qty: 1500PG-22/P-2V22x1500 € 510.79
Qty: 3000PG-22/P-2V22x3000 € 987.52
Qty: 6750PG-22/P-2V22x6750 € 2068.70

240ml White T/E Pot With 93mm Lid (SP)

240ml white high grade polypropylene (PP) plastic pot. A small, lightweight, stackable pot with push down lid.

Whether your product is food or chemical based, this pot is perfect for both. Ideal for the storage of powders, pet foods, creams, gels and pastes too!
Qty: 1F240MLWSPx1 € 0.39
Qty: 25F240MLWSPx25 € 9.30
Qty: 50F240MLWSPx50 € 17.62
Qty: 100F240MLWSPx100 € 33.27
Qty: 250F240MLWSPx250 € 78.29
Qty: 448F240MLWSPx448 € 135.91
Qty: 896F240MLWSPx896 € 263.07
Qty: 1792F240MLWSPx1792 € 508.60
Qty: 3584F240MLWSPx3584 € 982.10
Qty: 8960F240MLWSPx8960 € 2367.60

300ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With T/E Lid (SP)

300ml clear plastic tamper evident food pot with push on lid, creating a secure and tight tamper proof seal to give reassurance to you and the end user. Perfect for giving full visibility of your products.

Ideal for many products such as sauces, olives, confectionery, sweets, fish food, fish baits, nuts, dips and many others.

Made from strong polypropylene (PP) plastic. Ideal for small and large businesses alike, also ideal for home usage due to our no minimum order quantity.
300ml Clear Round Plastic Food Pot With T/E Lid (SP)
Qty: 1S-SPF300ml/115x1 € 0.49
Qty: 30PBS-SPF300ml/115x30 € 13.64
Qty: 60PBS-SPF300ml/115x60 € 26.52
Qty: 150PBM-SPF300ml/115x150 € 62.60
Qty: 374PBM-SPF300ml/115x374 € 142.34
Qty: 748PBM-SPF300ml/115x748 € 275.51
Qty: 1496PBM-SPF300ml/115x1496 € 532.64
Qty: 2992PBM-SPF300ml/115x2992 € 991.79
Qty: 5984PBM-SPF300ml/115x5984 € 1836.66

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