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Plastic Fruit Punnets and Deli Containers

Hinged plastic fruit punnets and deli boxes

Plastic fruit punnets and deli containers
Our range of clear plastic fruit and salad containers are ideal for use at delis, cafes, market stalls and grocery shops.

All of our deli containers come with an attached hinged lid, which creates a tight seal to give your produce extra protection during transit.

Our containers are ideal for both small and large food businesses, also as we have no minimum order quantity, these containers are great for home use too.

Our fruit punnets and deli containers are made from high quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is 100% recyclable.

Suitable for salads, fruits, potato salads, cakes, cookies, mini flapjacks, rice, desserts, vegetables and many other foods.

250cc Plastic Deli Box With Lid (MB)

Small 250CC clear deli pot with attached hinged lid, perfect for delis, cafes, takeaways, restaurants, caterers, home parties and many more.

Made from a crystal clear recyclable food grade approved PVC plastic to give full visibility of your products.

Ideal for a range of products such as olives, nuts, coleslaw, cured meats, potato salad and many more.
250cc Plastic Deli Box With Lid (MB)
Qty: 1S-FCB250x1 € 0.15
Qty: 30PBS-FCB250x30 € 4.36
Qty: 60PBS-FCB250x60 € 8.56
Qty: 120PBS-FCB250x120 € 16.92
Qty: 250HALFBOX-FCB250x250 € 34.15
Qty: 500OB-FCB250x500 € 66.08
Qty: 1000OBx2-FCB250x1000 € 127.76
Qty: 2000OBx4-FCB250x2000 € 246.72
Qty: 5000HP-FCB250x5000 € 594.77
Qty: 10000FP-FCB250x10000 € 1145.49

375cc Plastic Deli Box With Lid (MB)

375cc clear deli box and attached hinged lid, Perfect for giving your products full visibility due to the crystal clear PVC material, food grade approved and 100% recyclable.

Ideal for many types of businesses such as takeaways, delis, cafes, restaurants, caterers and many others.

Suitable for olives, nuts, coleslaw, cured meats, potato salad, fruit mixes, salad mixes, pasta and many others.

No minimum order quantity.
375cc Plastic Deli Box With Lid (MB)
Qty: 1S-FCB375x1 € 0.15
Qty: 25PBS-FCB375x25 € 3.72
Qty: 50PBS-FCB375x50 € 7.29
Qty: 100PBS-FCB375x100 € 14.43
Qty: 250HALFBOX-FCB375x250 € 34.94
Qty: 500OB-FCB375x500 € 67.63
Qty: 1000OBx2-FCB375x1000 € 130.73
Qty: 2000OBx4-FCB375x2000 € 252.46
Qty: 5000HP-FCB375x5000 € 594.77
Qty: 10000FP-FCB375x10000 € 1172.13

4 ltr Natural Ice Cream Tub With Lid (IP)

4 Litre Tall Natural Ice-Cream Tub with pressure lid. Perfect for the storage of many foodstuffs. A dish washer safe, reusable container.

An inexpensive way to keep your foods stuffs fresher for longer. Ideal for ice-creams, salads, fruits and dairy products etc.

Made form quality PP Polypropylene suitable for direct food contact.
4 ltr Natural Ice Cream Tub With Lid (IP)
Qty: 1F4LNICTUBx1 € 1.30
Qty: 25F4LNICTUBx25 € 31.75
Qty: 50F4LNICTUBx50 € 61.86
Qty: 100F4LNICTUBx100 € 113.95
Qty: 250F4LNICTUBx250 € 276.75
Qty: 500F4LNICTUBx500 € 504.66
Qty: 1000F4LNICTUBx1000 € 1009.31
Qty: 1800F4LNICTUBx1800 € 1699.55
Qty: 2400F4LNICTUBx2400 € 2109.79

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