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Sphere Bottles

Sphere Bottles
Introducing our uniquely-shaped Sphere Bottles, which are made from durable, recyclable, clear PET plastic that offers good moisture and impact resistance for your products. The stunning shape of these bottles makes them ideal for use by modern brands that are looking to make their products stand out on the shelf! These bottles are available in the following sizes: 100ml, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml and are perfect for packaging cosmetic ranges such as soaps, lotions, fragrances and and many more health and beauty products.

Choice Of Closures
Our Sphere Bottles are compatible with a wide range of our closures, including: screw top caps, atomiser sprays, lotion pumps, flip top caps and mini trigger sprays! This opens up a massive range of product possibilities thanks to the many different dispensing options.

250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & 24mm White Mini Trigger Spray

250ml Clear sphere shaped bottle, perfect for giving a unique look to your product range. Made from near glass look PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic.

Comes complete with a 24mm white mini trigger spray, ideal if a fine mist application is required. Contains locking feature for safe storage and to reduce wastage.

Suitable for housing and dispensing body sprays, hair spray, tanning lotions, fragrances, perfumes, liquid gels and many others. No minimum order quantity.

250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & 24mm White Mini Trigger Spray
Qty: 1250MLSPHERE-24WMTx1 € 1.32
Qty: 25250MLSPHERE-24WMTx25 € 31.38
Qty: 50250MLSPHERE-24WMTx50 € 59.45
Qty: 100250MLSPHERE-24WMTx100 € 115.58
Qty: 250250MLSPHERE-24WMTx250 € 280.71
Qty: 500250MLSPHERE-24WMTx500 € 544.92
Qty: 1000250MLSPHERE-24WMTx1000 € 1023.78
Qty: 1372250MLSPHERE-24WMTx1372 € 1314.01
Qty: 2744250MLSPHERE-24WMTx2744 € 2446.78

250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap

250ml Clear PET Spherical bottle for use with creams, lotions, oils and much more.

Comes complete with a white screw top lid to complete the look of your product.
250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & 24mm White Screw Cap
Qty: 1250MLSPHERE-24Wx1 € 0.76
Qty: 25250MLSPHERE-24Wx25 € 18.10
Qty: 50250MLSPHERE-24Wx50 € 34.31
Qty: 100250MLSPHERE-24Wx100 € 66.71
Qty: 250250MLSPHERE-24Wx250 € 162.03
Qty: 500250MLSPHERE-24Wx500 € 314.53
Qty: 1000250MLSPHERE-24Wx1000 € 590.92
Qty: 1372250MLSPHERE-24Wx1372 € 758.43
Qty: 2744250MLSPHERE-24Wx2744 € 1412.28

250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & 24mm White/Silver Lotion Pump

250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle with included white/silver lotion pump.

Great for lotions, creams, ointments and more.
250ml Clear PET Sphere Bottle & 24mm White/Silver Lotion Pump
Qty: 1250MLSPHERE-24WSLx1 € 1.63
Qty: 25250MLSPHERE-24WSLx25 € 38.58
Qty: 50250MLSPHERE-24WSLx50 € 73.10
Qty: 100250MLSPHERE-24WSLx100 € 142.16
Qty: 250250MLSPHERE-24WSLx250 € 345.23
Qty: 500250MLSPHERE-24WSLx500 € 670.14
Qty: 1000250MLSPHERE-24WSLx1000 € 1259.07
Qty: 1372250MLSPHERE-24WSLx1372 € 1615.98
Qty: 2744250MLSPHERE-24WSLx2744 € 3009.07

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